“Oh. So you’re a musician.”

As I like to explain, I’m really a trumpeter — you just can’t make a living as an orchestral musician in the Valley of the Sun.

Actually, that’s not entirely true: there are a few guys who do, by playing with the Phoenix Symphony or the Arizona Opera…and you can count them all on one hand, with a finger left over. And they supplement their income with gigs and private students — or even real estate.

And it’s that way across the country, too. Even in the couple areas where it’s possible to make a living by gigging — New York and Los Angeles come to mind — those sorts of things are locked up by a select few as well.

So, while I’m waiting to win it big in the Great Orchestral Audition Lottery, I take what I can get. I’ve subbed with the Phoenix Symphony, as well as almost every other orchestra in the Valley. I’ve served as principal or assistant principal trumpet with most of the East Valley orchestras at one time or another. While at Arizona State University many moons ago, I was principal trumpet for at least a semester or so in every one of their ensembles. Right now, I’m the principal trumpet (and occasional soloist) of the Musica Nova Baroque Orchestra, a very exciting new group under the direction of Maestro Warren Cohen. Oh — and, of course, I’ve played far, far more weddings, church services, and other kinds of pick-up gigs than I could ever possibly count.

Notable Upcoming Performances

2007 December 16
Bach’s Christmas Oratorio with the Musica Nova Baroque Orchestra. Yeah, the one with all the lethal trumpet parts — should be fun!
2008 April 19
Beethoven’s Fifth. It’s not as hard to play as the Bach, but it’s Beethoven’s Fifth!

Solo Repertoire

This isn’t, of course, a complete listing of the solos I’ve performed or have prepared…I’d have to go digging through lots of stacks to put together that list….


I’d be delighted to play for your wedding, religious service, or any other special occasion. I can also help arrange for other musicians to join me. Please feel free to email me at or call me at +1 (480) 966–9472 to discuss availability and fees.